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Audrey Borowski

Audrey Borowski is a doctoral student in the History of Ideas at the University of London.

Review: Paroles Armées, Comprendre et combattre la propagande terroriste. Philippe-Joseph Salazar, Lemieux editeur. 262 pages. (Armed Words: Understanding and Fighting Terrorist Propaganda) In his new book Paroles Armées (forthcoming in English translation), Philippe-Joseph Salazar, a professor of rhetoric at Cape Town University sets out to deconstruct the persuasive power of the Caliphate (otherwise known as ISIS). In the war it wages against the West, words have emerged as ‘new weapons’ (p.7). Salazar deploys his rhetorical expertise to shed light on our fundamental linguistic deficiency and how we are losing this war of words. Confronted with a new reality that seems inconceivable to us, our reactions have mainly oscillated between horror and derision. The Islamic State has abruptly foisted upon us …