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Kenddrick Chan

Kenddrick Chan has been accepted into the MSc International Relations programme at the London School of Economics (LSE) for postgraduate study in 2019/20. He has recently completed his undergraduate studies in International Relations at the University of London. His research areas include the evolving role of identity politics, as well as the relationship between diaspora engagement and ethnic nationalism in the cases of China and Israel.

Recent years have seen a global resurgence of ethnic nationalism. Yet, political identities based on ethnicity are nothing new. In fact, ethno-nationalist desires reshaped Europe’s borders in the early 20th century with devastating consequences. Despite more than seven decades of relative peace, largely kept in place by the multilateral organizations and deepening global integration, nationalism appears to be returning to the forefront of politics once more. In Europe, politicians and political parties are tapping on anti-immigrant nationalist sentiment. For instance, Italy’s Matteo Salvini has openly advocated solutions which involve marginalizing ethnically-defined “others”. Rogers Brubaker, professor of sociology at UCLA, has coined the term “civilizationism” to describe the rhetoric used by multiple European political parties which claims that the ethno-cultural homogeneity …