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Tirso Virgós Varela

Tirso Virgós Varela currently works in a political party as a member of the Secretary of Political Programs. He is an MPhil in European Politics and Society by St. Antony's College, and his work is mainly concerned with political liberalism, as well as liberal and centrist parties.

The storming of the American Capitol building on the 6th of January 2021 during a session to formalize Joe Biden’s presidential victory made headlines around the world. For many Americans, the fact that there was an armed attempt to disrupt a democratic transition of power was a worrying sign of democratic backsliding and the consequence of years of extreme partisanship. The siege suggested a grim vision of America’s political future. However, 40 years ago, the Spanish political system was able to recover from a similar event, in what could be an instructive experience for contemporary America. In February 1981, the Spanish political system, which had rapidly democratised following the death of General Francisco Franco in 1975, faced its first real …