We believe that it is absolutely necessary to keep our editorial guidelines very short, because the intention for the Oxford University Politics Blog is to be a platform through which a contributor can express any ideas, in their own style and with whatever degree of informality the author chooses.

We have no style guide and require no specific referencing format: we are not an academic journal, nor a newspaper. There is no minimum or maximum length of contributions to Oxford University Politics Blog; as a general example most blog contributions tend to be of 500-1,200 words, written in clear English and using British spelling. Please request approval before writing a piece longer than 1,200 words. Please provide hyperlinks and images if relevant (please ensure that you have the necessary permission to reproduce images). Please see below for examples of good practice.

Contributors to our blog may present unrefined ideas, early thoughts and as yet unformed research projects or works-in-progress but should never compromise on the commitment, as academics, to a high intellectual standard. Contributions must reflect the fact that the authors are representatives of the discipline, the department, the university, and the academic profession. Contributions can be ‘political’—we would encourage it!—but should be written in a responsible, respectable fashion and not be purposefully inflammatory. We advise against including personal information in your blog, as this may have unintended consequences.

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The editorial team will aim to maintain an equitable share of contributions between politics and international relations.

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Examples of good practice:

‘Looting, politics and art’, (Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography

‘It’s time for a truce in the ‘war on terror’ before it’s too late’, History News Network

‘The problem of militarism’, Practical Ethics

”Big Brother’ was just the warm-up act’, Kings of War

‘Secularism, atheism, antihumanism’, The Immanent Frame