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Aklovya Panwar

Aklovya is a IX Semester Law Student [(B.A.L.L.B (hons.)] from the Institute of Law, Nirma University (ILNU), Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Currently, he is the Student Chairperson of Student Research Council (SRC) and the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Law (CAIL) at ILNU.

The impact of Brexit on India depends upon the general election of the UK scheduled for December 12, 2019. With Conservatives in power, Brexit seems to bring opportunities for India on many fronts. However, if the Labour Party comes into power, it may reverse that impact. The reason is the varied ideologies of both the parties concerning India. Historically, Indian National Congress (INC) had taken the Conservative Party with a pinch of salt. The racial slurs by Prime Minister Winston Churchill of the Conservative Party on the Bengal famine of 1943-44 and his remarks during the debate of the Independence Bill in British Parliament in 1947 had turned Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the INC against the Conservatives. However, …