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Ali Aslan Gümüsay

Ali Aslan Gümüsay is a DAAD Prime Fellow at Vienna University of Economics & Business and a DPhil Candidate at Saïd Business School. Before, he was a Lecturer at Magdalen College, University of Oxford.

Just returned from a talk by the current Turkish Ambassador to the UK. The event was under Chatham House Rules, hence I will not be able to report from it. But I will use this and previous events in the last couple of weeks as an anchor for some reflections on Turkish Foreign Policy. // A rising power… Last week Davutoglu, Babacan, Boris Johnson and Jack Straw gave some interesting speeches at a dinner in London. The overall tone was clear: Turkey is a rising regional if not global power. It is the 16th biggest economy in the world with phenomenal stable growth figures currently approximately at around 8% per annum. Erdogan is a leader empowered with all three Weberian …