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Andy Phippen

Andy Phippen is Professor of Social Responsibility in IT at the Plymouth Business School. He is currently researching the use of technology by young people in their social lives and the implications of this for education, rights and social policy. He is chair of trustees for the South West Grid for Learning and a member of the advisory council for the Open Rights Group. He is always online and can be reached at

Our rights are being infringed more and more on every side, and the danger is that we get used to it. So I want to use the 25th anniversary for us all to do that, to take the web back into our own hands and define the web we want for the next 25 years…. “But we need our lawyers and our politicians to understand programming, to understand what can be done with a computer.[1] – Sir Tim Berners-Lee   The above quote should come as no surprise to anyone with even a passing interest in digital rights. In recent times there has been growing interest by governments in how to respond to the sort of modern social problems that …