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Artur Kluz

Artur Kluz is a venture capital investor, lawyer and international affairs advisor. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Kluz Ventures, the investment firm focused on breakthrough technologies and global growth strategies. He strongly supports “Tech for Good”.

Advanced democracies prize and demand good and strong leadership among their politicians. In a situation of perceived absence of leadership, anger and even revolt against present political elites may become popular fashion; political outsiders may seek to exploit disaffections as a political strategy to defeat established candidates. Today, this trend is ascendant in much of the Western world. In a “post-truth era” of politics, weakness of current leaderships or a situation in which “blatant lies” are “routine across society,” such that “politicians can lie without condemnation,” the resurgence of populism as a political strategy presents grave challenges for democracy. We argue that while new technologies may help us bridge the gap between voters and political elites, elites fail to use …