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Balša Lubarda

Dr. Balša Lubarda has been Head of Research at the Damar Institute since early 2023. Previously, he headed the Ideology Research Unit at the Far-Right Analysis Network and was a visiting lecturer (Fulbright) at UC Berkeley. He is the author of "Far-Right Ecologism: Environmental Politics and the Far Right in Hungary and Poland" (Routledge, 2023), based on his PhD thesis at the Central European University.

Hungary’s Mi Hazánk Mozgalom (Our Homeland Movement, MHM) party tells a classic tale of far-right politics. Formed after an internal dispute in the extreme-right Jobbik party, which had been in existence since 2003 and had begun to tone down its rhetoric, the MHM leadership’s plan was to occupy the supposedly vacant space on the far right of Hungarian politics. Despite being the third most successful list in the 2019 parliamentary elections, after Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz and the united opposition, led by Péter Márki-Zay, the party won only 2 out of 199 seats. MHM’s leader, László Toroczkai, is a respected figure on the Hungarian and international far-right scene, being one of the founders of the historically revisionist Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement, …