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Daniel Gover and Michael Kenny

Daniel Gover is a Research Assistant at the Constitution Unit and currently completing a PhD at Queen Mary University of London.

Michael Kenny is Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London and Director of the Mile End Institute.

The authors are conducting research on ‘English votes for English laws’, supported by the Centre on Constitutional Change.

Last week the government published its detailed proposals for introducing English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) into the House of Commons. This is a significant moment in our constitutional history primarily because these changes reflect the acceptance of the need to institutionalise a collective English interest in the legislature, and the conviction that there is a growing and legitimate sense of grievance concerning England’s position within the UK. The primary rationale offered for introducing EVEL is to bring Westminster up to date with the implications of devolution elsewhere within the UK. In a context where further devolution is anticipated for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, it is becoming harder to ignore demands that English interests be given greater consideration in parliament. The …