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Danny Bowman

Danny Bowman is a PhD candidate at the University of Liverpool and a mental health policy advisor. Danny is currently Head of Communications and Research at the Conservative Mental Health Group and a former Director of Mental Health at the think-tank Parliament Street. He has worked with a wide range of political actors on mental health policy, including special advisors, MPs, and cabinet ministers.

The worlds of academia and policymaking are becoming increasingly intertwined, as democratically elected political representatives seek evidence-based solutions to complex problems. The increased connection between the two worlds provides new opportunities for academics to use their research to inform both standards and outcomes across our political system. The main issue is that rarely has anyone outlined a clear and concise manual of the how-to and do’s and don’ts of engaging with legislators and their advisors, leaving academics uncertain about the process. One of our main goals as the incoming Executive Committee of the Political Studies Association’s Early Career Network was to demystify the policymaking process and provide our members with some of the tools required to influence the standards and …