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Kate Ferguson

Kate Ferguson is a foreign policy expert specialising in the prevention of identity-based violence and mass atrocities. She Co-Executive Director at Protection Approaches and Chair of Policy at the European Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. Kate was at Oxford 2008-2010 as an AHRC scholar where she completed her MPhil degree in Russian and East European Studies before her PhD in History at the University of East Anglia. She tweets @WordsAreDeeds.

Until now, the UK’s prevailing approach to global conflict and mass atrocities has been one of response and of firefighting. As a result, it too often resulted in missed opportunities to help mitigate harms. Whether in Rakhine in Myanmar in 2017, in Central African Republic in 2014, or Syria in 2011, the window of opportunity to help vulnerable populations closed before the UK had properly recognised the trajectory of violence. There is much to pick through, question, and challenge when reading the new vision for the UK’s international policy as set out in the outcomes document of the year-long Integrated Review of Defence, Development and Diplomacy published by Her Majesty’s Government on Tuesday. But—and particularly with regards to conflict, stability …