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Dr. William Allchorn

Dr. William Allchorn, Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University and Visiting Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations at Richmond, the American University in London. His research focuses on counter-narrative interventions against right-wing extremism, with an emphasis on the ethical challenge of 'tolerating the intolerant'. He is the author of 'Anti-Islamic Protest in the UK' and 'Moving Beyond Islamist Extremism', and teaches courses on far-right parties, terrorism, research methods and global politics.

A Dialogic Turn in Online Far-Right Activism Far-right groups, which encompass a broad plethora of cognate paramilitary groups, political parties and protest movements with nativist, authoritarian and populist policy platforms (Mudde 2007; Carter 2018), have increasingly been able to mobilise, exploit, and weaponise the online space for activism and their campaigns. Recent research suggests that such groups have been able to exercise an ‘opportunistic pragmatism’ when using online platforms, creating new hubs of convergence and influencing elections in countries like Germany, Italy and Sweden (Davey & Ebner 2017 & 2018; Colliver et al 2018). Just as examples of recent far-right successes in the electoral arena now abound, such cases also demonstrate a shift away from parochial concerns in using the …