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Endrit Shabani

Endrit Shabani is a DPhil candidate in the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford. He holds a first in Law and a Master's of science in Education. He currently is a Clarendon Scholar. Endrit's DPhil research draws on Global Governance and the role that International Organisations play in shaping education policymaking in Europe.

I was around ten-years-old when my family found itself in a difficult economic situation. I had to go to work to help earn cash. One day, as I was carrying some heavy items, a father and his son were passing by, both clearly of some means. Glancing at me the father addressed his son with more or less these words: “Listen to what I’m saying. If you don’t study, you’ll end up like him.” I felt awful that the father was using my difficult situation to scare his own son. Besides, it was inaccurate. He assumed that I was poor because I was not in school, which was not the case. I was poor because I was unfortunate and no …