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Juliana Bidadanure

Juliana Bidadanure is an Assistant Professor in the department of Philosophy at Stanford University, and in 2015-2016 she will be based at the Centre for Ethics in Society. Before coming to Stanford, Juliana completed her PhD in Political Philosophy within the School of Politics, Economics and Philosophy at the University of York (UK), and was then a 2014-2015 Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute (Italy).

Her interests lie at the intersection of Philosophy and Public Policy. She has written on the theory and practice of equality in general, and on age-group justice and what it means to treat young people as equals, in particular.

Young people are disadvantaged economically yet politically marginalised and demonised. Are youth quotas in parliament part of the answer? It is now widely acknowledged that young generations are faring particularly badly in Britain.[i] There is growing concern for a ‘jilted generation’ burdened with debts and structural unemployment. In 1992, the unemployment rate of the young was twice as high as for the rest of the population; two decades later, it is up to four times higher.[ii] Even when they do have jobs, young people are disproportionately likely to be in precarious positions such as zero-hour contracts, temporary contracts and unpaid internships. Despite this context of job scarcity and the structural precariousness they have to face, the young are often regarded …