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Laura Blythe

Laura Blythe is a student of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies MSc at the University of Oxford. Her primary research focuses on British and European asylum policy and border control.

Since October 7, Israel has blocked most food, water, hygiene items, and medicine from entering Gaza. The government has denied access to aid agencies, security inspections have deliberately slowed the entry of trucks, communication blackouts have cut off internet and phone services to more than two million residents, and Israeli protesters have lined up to block humanitarian aid supplies. Moreover, the US, UK, and other donors suspended funding to UNRWA, the UN’s aid agency for Palestine, after Israel accused staff members of participating in the October 7 attacks and called for the organisation to be disbanded. Crucially, these accusations have not been proven. As a result, people in Gaza are starving. Sixteen children, and counting, have died of malnutrition, UN …