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Lena Schorlemer (DPIR, University of Oxford)

Lena Schorlemer is a DPhil candidate in politics at the Department of Politics and International Relations. Her research focuses on the organisational structure of nationalist and Eurosceptic right-wing parties and their links with extra-parliamentary groups. Broadly, her research interests include European politics, elections and party politics, and party-movement dynamics.

Just over a year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Dr. Stefanie Babst, who has held several senior positions at NATO, including heading its Strategic Foresight Team from 2012 to 2020, has published her latest book, Sehenden Auges: Mut zum Strategischen Kurswechsel (With Eyes Wide Open: The Courage for a Strategic Course Change). The book is an important call for critical reflection and course correction among NATO partners and a plea for the West to continue to support Ukraine, not least in its own interests. The first part of the book contextualises Russia’s war on Ukraine. The author explains Putin’s rise to power, the workings of his power apparatus, and Moscow’s strategic objectives. Babst provides the reader with …