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Max Regus

Max Regus is a researcher at the Graduate School of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Tilburg University, the Netherlands. His research project on religious minorities under attack in Indonesia is funded by the Institute of Missiology, Aachen, Germany.

The future of democracy and the rule of law in Southeast Asia is in peril. While fundamentally different in many ways, current political developments in the Philippines and Indonesia showcase an erosion of fundamental rights, respect of differences and due process. Confronted by terrorism, drugs and illiberal groups, how willing and able are the governments of the Philippines and Indonesia to balance national security prerogatives and popular demands with respect for civil liberties? A Spiral of Murder in the Philippines Under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte, the Filipino government embraced “martial law” to wage war on drugs, and now against militants aligned with the Islamic State. The government’s actions have reportedly led to widespread human rights violations and extra-judicial …