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Mehdi Alioua

Mehdi Alioua is Professor of Sociology at the Université Internationale de Rabat, Dean of Sciences Po Rabat (UIR) and holds the "Chaire Migrations Mobilités Cosmopolitisme" at the Center for Global Studies. His research focuses on transnational migration and transborder spaces between West Africa, North Africa and Europe. His work centres around the Moroccan example as a migratory crossroads, at the same time receiver and sender country.

Traditionally close partners, Morocco and France have seen their relationship deteriorate in recent years under a variety of pressures. Much analysis has focused on the role of high politics and diplomatic considerations, such as the question of the sovereignty of Western Sahara. This article argues that while these are important, bottom-up approaches must also be considered. In particular, we highlight the impact of visa restrictions on inter-societal links, and how these affect the core of bilateral relations by damaging the human fabric of politics. The “exceptional partnership” between France and Morocco is a thing of the past, or at least severely damaged. Over the last two years, new crises have erupted at regular intervals. The most recent source of tension …