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Mohamed S. El-Zomor

Mohamed S. El-Zomor is currently an Associate at the Arbitration Department of Matouk Bassiouny & Hennawy Law firm in Cairo. He is a Teaching Assistant of Public finance and Economic Legislation at Cairo University. He holds LLM degrees from the University of Cambridge and Cairo University, and an LLB with distinction from Cairo University.

COVID-19 is expected to have far-reaching social effects on globalisation. Many have argued that the pandemic will lead to intensified nationalism, causing countries to turn from the global community. However, we argue that the pandemic will set the stage for a potentially unprecedented era of global cooperation.   Short-Term Social Impact of COVID-19  Crises in general tend to strengthen national sentiments. Citizens put their trust in their nation-state, which has the “financial, organisational and emotional strengths that global institutions lack.” This is reinforced by the absence of the notion of community and belonging at the global level. Patriotic symbols and a sense of immediate kinship do not exist in international institutions.  This has become particularly clear within in the European Union, one of the most integrated …