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Or Rosenboim

Dr Or Rosenboim is a Research Fellow in Politics and History of Political Thought at Queens’ College, University of Cambridge.

She is a teaching associate at the Center for Gender Studies, and co-convenes the Political Thought and Intellectual History Seminar.

Dr Rosenboim holds a PhD in Politics and International Relations from the University of Cambridge, M.St in Imperial History from the University of Oxford, UK, and BA (summa cum laude) in Modern History from the University of Bologna, Italy. She has been a visiting student at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a visiting scholar at the University of Chicago, and at Sciences Po, Paris.

Since mid-July Israel has been going through a season of turmoil and protest. Most significantly, here, unlike both the Arab Spring movements and the London riots, there has been a violence-free protest. It all began when a young woman, Daphni Leef, had to leave her flat so that her landlord’s son could move in instead. Instead of looking for a new flat, she moved to a tent in Tel Aviv’s main street, ironically named ‘Rothschield Boulevard’. Ms Leef’s protest was not only her own: soon her tent was joined by many others who also wished to protest against the high cost of living in Tel Aviv. Within three weeks the protest swept the entire country. In as many as 3,000 …