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Peter Bebb

Peter Bebb, PPE alumnus (1965), is the director of Perendie (, and author of Business Alignment and the Business Management System. He writes for Politics in Spires as a guest author in response to David Soskice's article: 'Nation States, Capitalism and the Crisis'.

The credit crunch and the disillusion with parliamentary democracy prove that there is a problem with the way we govern ourselves, as organisations and states. I would like to propose a solution which, if implemented, would go a long way to providing effective governance, economic growth, and social stability. THE PROBLEM All our existing institutions and regulations failed to prevent the credit crunch, the Madoff and Stanford frauds, the obvious risk of bankers lending to people who can’t afford to repay, and the collapse of numerous financial organisations. The banking crisis was caused by banks knowingly lending to people who couldn’t repay; therefore the crisis was predictable. So why did they do it? Because current governance processes don’t work. In …