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Professor Mark Jarzombek (MIT)

Mark Jarzombek is Professor of the History and Theory of Architecture at MIT. He recently published The Digital Stockholm Syndrome in the Post-Ontological Age (Minnesota University Press, 2016).

It was once more or less assumed that the digital world was good for democracy. That turned out to be premature (see Jarzombek 2016). Because the digital was for so long embedded in narratives that emphasised supposed benefits of techno-sociability to society, the political face of the digital was slow to emerge, forcing those now interested in it to play catchup. When we now raise the question of how the digital intertwines itself with the political we jump to issues like privacy, surveillance, digital suppression, disinformation and failed governmental oversight. And yet, despite the laws and policies that have all been put in place, the situation is an oily mess that seems to have no provenance and certainly no easy …