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Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon QC is a practising constitutional lawyer. His publications include ‘Repairing British Politics’ (Hart 2010), ‘Constitutional Change and Parliamentary Sovereignty – The Impossible Dialectic’ in The British Constitution – Continuity and Change (Hart 2013), (co-authored) ‘Select Committee Powers – Clarity or Confusion’ (Constitution Society 2012), (co-authored) ‘Parliamentary Privilege – Evolution or Codification?’ (Constitution Society 2013). He is a Member of the Advisory Board of the Constitution Society and a Special Adviser to the Public Administration Select Committee.

In approaching questions of constitutional change I have learned to be circumspect. It is now clear to me – as it was not even a few years ago – that it is entirely possible to find proponents for almost any constitutional position but virtually impossible to locate any argument that has thus far succeeded in triggering principled reform. To say this is not to deny the existence of constitutional change or even reform. The history of New Labour from 1997 continuing through the Brown administration and on into the present Coalition is testament to the shifting of several – some might say rather too many – constitutional tectonic plates. But the shifting of constitutional tectonic plates either randomly or, more …