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Samuel Maynard

Samuel Maynard is a second year doctoral candidate at the DPIR and Mansfield College. His dissertation will address political party survival in Latin America with a focus on the case of Argentina. In particular, his work will explore how well-established political parties can rely on aspects their organizational histories in order to rekindle their societal relevance among voters, and thus maintain their power in democratic systems.

On Sunday, Argentina will hold highly significant midterm legislative elections in its 23 provinces as well as the federal capital of Buenos Aires. Cambiemos (Let’s Change), headed by the centre-right incumbent President Mauricio Macri, will look to expand its political mandate as the first non-Peronist government in 16 years. While seats will be up for grabs throughout the country, observers have placed most of their focus on the Senate race in Buenos Aires province, a predominantly working class region of Argentina that holds nearly 40 percent of the national electorate. Here, Macri’s current Minister of Education, Esteban Bullrich, is competing against former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who assumed office in 2007 as part of the Peronist ‘Front for Victory’ …