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Simple Rajrah

Simple Rajrah graduated from M.Phil in Political Theory at the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford in 2020. Her thesis focused on comprehending a political theory of loneliness. Her research interests include critical theory, feminism, technology and affect.

In most contemporary societies, loneliness has come to occupy a more subtly poignant form than an abrasively shocking one—a betrayal smoothened over time and transformed into a living condition. Epistemology must thus reconcile this change with the context in which knowledge is curated today and understand how loneliness precludes some people from participating in the political processes of knowledge formation.  By keeping people oblivious to the scope and extent of what they are missing, loneliness contributes to a cognitive disadvantage in terms of un-intelligibility of socially valuable practices. By removing certain subjects from these shared and valuable social experiences despite their desire to participate, it not only affects their present ability to generate socially valuable meanings, but it also robs them of the …