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Takashi Inoguchi

Takashi Inoguchi is the president of University of Niigata Prefecture since April 2009 ( majoring in public executive affairs in Japan and local autonomy). He is also a professor emeritus of University of Tokyo. In his 35-year professional career, Dr. Inoguchi has covered extensive fields from political theories and comparative politics to international politics. He has authored numerous publications and made presentations in and out of Japan about East Asian international politics, Japanese politico-economic analyses, Asian comparative political system, Japanese foreign policy and international relations theories.

These comments on the topical subject of populism have been gathered by the University of Sydney’s Sydney Democracy Network and its Democracy Futures team. SDN is a global network of researchers, journalists, activists, policy makers and citizens concerned with the future of democracy. The comments form part of a longer series on populism on The Conversation. Populism is everywhere on the rise. Why is this happening? Why are the peddlers of populism proving so popular? Are there deep forces driving the spread of their style of politics, and what, if anything, has populism to do with democracy? Is populism democracy’s essence, as some maintain? Is the new populism therefore to be welcomed, harnessed and “mainstreamed” in support of more democracy? …