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Teresa Völker

Teresa Völker is a research fellow at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center in a project on protest and radicalization. In her PhD at Freie Universität Berlin she investigates the mainstreaming of the far right and the effects of Islamist and extreme right violence on public debates and public opinion.

Foto (©David Ausserhofer)

The far right is gaining power in many liberal democracies. Far-right actors threaten democracy by spreading their nativist, exclusionary and authoritarian ideas through various means (Mudde 2019). They are protesting on the streets, mobilising support on social media, getting elected to parliaments and participating in governments. In Europe, far-right parties have increased their share of the vote in recent years and are currently in government in Italy, Hungary, Finland and Switzerland (Rooduijn et al. 2023). But how can we explain the entrenchment of the far right? I argue that to fully understand the entrenchment of the far right in democracies, we need to look beyond electoral politics and consider the mainstreaming of the far right in public debates, which I …