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Tim Wigmore

Tim Wigmore is a freelance politics and cricket journalist. He works for The New Statesman and ESPNCricinfo, and also contribute to The New York Times, The Economist, The Daily Telegraph and The I paper, among others. Tim holds a degree in History and Politics from Trinity College, Oxford.

The ongoing International Criminal Court trial into the so-called “Ocampo Six” is a reminder of how raw the violence around the 2007 Kenyan election remains. It now seems likely that the verdicts on the six won’t be announced until next year – until which time Uhuru Kenyatta, one of those accused of inciting ethnic violence, remains in the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Over 1100 were killed, and had the coalition agreement not come when it did, the spectre of fully-blown Civil War was a genuine possibility. The international community was in shock, having traditionally viewed Kenya as one of the least violent countries in Africa. Really, they shouldn’t have been. A brief history lesson into how Daniel Arap Moi …