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Tyree Meadows

Tyree Meadows is a graduate of the United States Military Academy (Class of 2015), and an Infantry Officer currently stationed in South Korea. While his degree is in sociology he has academic experiences of conducting research on network science and group homophily throughout Singapore, Malaysia and the United States. Additionally he has studied in Turkey and worked in Washington DC as a congressional intern.

Recent weeks witnessed renewed debate about the viability of the United States Electoral College, but few offered viable alternatives to the current system. While much of the vexation has arisen in part due to partisan frustrations, there are many reasons to both criticize and praise the current system without succumbing to arguments rooted in political dogma. While I am not a politician, or policy expert, I am a concerned citizen who cares deeply about this country and the voice of the American people, which is why I propose we explore the possibility of a proportional Electoral College, which I will argue will boost turnout and citizen representation. The Electoral College Today The Electoral College was written into the American Constitution …