Editorial Team

Elle Pfeffer, DPhil student

Elle Pfeffer
Deputy Editor

I am a doctoral student at the University of Oxford in the Department of Politics and International Relations, researching the interplay of welfare state institutions and criminal justice systems. My dissertation asks why some countries are more punitive than others when handling crime. 

Chase Harrison, MPhil student

Chase Harrison
Deputy Editor

I am a Masters student in the Department of Politics and International Relations. My research focuses on populist parties in Latin America, with fieldwork focusing on the Morena Party in Mexico.

Ross Speer, DPhil alumnus

Ross Speer
IT Administrator

I recently received a DPhil in Politics for a thesis titled ‘Aleatory Materialism: Louis Althusser and the necessity of contingency’. My research investigates the relationship between necessity and contingency in the study of social phenomena. My broader research interests are in emancipatory political theory, political economy, and the history of capitalism and labour movements.

Editorial Board

Managing Editor: Lucy Guest
Academic Editor: Dr Scot Peterson