This page features videos, lectures, and interviews held in the Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford, and elsewhere.

Scotland After the Independence Referendum: An interview with Jim Gallagher
In this interview, Jim Gallagher discusses the political and constitutional issues arising from the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. Professor Jim Gallagher was senior advisor to the Prime Minister on devolution strategy (2007-2010) and was Secretary of the Calman Commission on Scottish Devolution. He is Visiting Professor at the University of...
'How Numbers Can Help Your Study and Career' (Student Session)
This Student Session was part of the launch of the Oxford Q-Step Centre event on 15th October in the Manor Road Building, Oxford. Panel: Andrew Dilnot (Oxford), Paul Kellstedt (Texas A&M), Slava Mikhaylov (UCL), PPE Alumnus, Catherine De Vries to Chair Audience: PPE and History & Politics first year undergraduates
'How To Teach With Numbers' (Tutors Session)
This Tutors Session was part of the launch of the Oxford Q-Step Centre event on 15th October in the Manor Road Building, Oxford. Panel: Steve Fisher (Oxford), Paul Kellstedt (Texas A&M), Lucas Leemann (UCL), Andrea Ruggeri to Chair Audience: Social Sciences Staff
Angela Cummine asks 'Who owns the state?'
An Investigation into the Status and Governance of Public Financial Assets: Public assets and financial liabilities pose tough choices for governments: what should guide the distribution of their benefits and burdens, especially in light of the classical political theory demand that citizens must be treated equally? Angela Cummine is a...
Liz Frazer asks how we decide when to act violently or non-violently
Liz's project, the Politics Violence Frontier, aims to investigate the ways in which political activists draw the line between politics and violence, and how they justify different kinds of non-violent and violent resistant political action. Liz Frazer is Head of Department at the Department of Politics & International Relations, and...
Managing the Crises in Ukraine and Elsewhere: Lessons for Leadership
The Fifth Annual Oxford Fulbright Distinguished Lecture in International Relations was hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, in association with the Department of Politics and International Relations, Pembroke College, the US-UK Fulbright Commission, and the Lois Roth Endowment. This year’s lecture was given by Ambassador Jack Matlock,...
The Scottish Independence Referendum: A Separate or United Kingdom?
Prof Jim Gallagher and Prof Iain McLean, co-authors of Scotland's Choices, answer questions about the Scottish independence referendum. They give their views on many of the issues at stake, including citizenship, currency, higher education, and the European Union. Asked to consider a 'yes' victory, they explain the complexities of independence...
Margaret MacMillan: The War That Ended Peace
Professor Margaret Macmillan talks to DPhil student Katharine Brooks about her new book 'The War that Ended Peace' - a re-examination of the origins of World War One.
"Revolutions in the Balance" - Interview with Dr Eugene Rogan
Dr Eugene Rogan, Director of the Middle East Centre at the University of Oxford, sat down with Politics in Spires to put the Arab Uprisings into historical perspective. Read more at