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Genevieve Woods

Genevieve Woods is a former staff member at the United Nations Association - UK (UNA-UK). She is a foreign qualified solicitor and will be commencing practice as a barrister in London in 2016. Before joining UNA-UK, she worked at Salvos Legal and in the Faculty of Law at Sydney University. Most recently, she worked as an assistant to the Chief Justice of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. She holds a double degree in Arts/Law from Sydney University and a Masters of International Human Rights Law from Oxford University.

What is the United Nations? What does it do and how does it do what it does? Together with Sam Daws, Natalie Samarasinghe has recently co-edited a leading eight-volume reference text on the United Nations – The SAGE Major Work on the United Nations. It is dedicated to the structures and the role of the UN over the course of its history and at the present juncture. In this Q&A, Natalie Samarasinghe, Executive Director of the United Nations Association (UNA-UK), responds to the questions of Oxford graduate Genevieve Woods.