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Gwendolyn Sasse

Gwendolyn Sasse is a Professorial Fellow at Nuffield College and Professor in Comparative Politics in the Department of Politics and International Relations and the School for Interdisciplinary Area Studies.

Prior to her arrival in Oxford in 2007 she was a Senior Lecturer in the European Institute and the Department of Government at the London School of Economics. She holds a PhD in Political Science from the LSE (which was awarded the LSE Robert McKenzie Prize for the best dissertation).

Her research has concentrated on different dimensions of regime change, with a particular emphasis on the post-communist region. Her book The Crimea Question: Identity, Transition, and Conflict, Cambridge, (Harvard University Press, 2007; paperback 2014) won the Alexander Nove Prize, the Annual Book Prize awarded by the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies.

Since 2014 she has been a non-resident associate at Carnegie Europe