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Katherine Everitt

Katherine Everitt (@GlobalThinkNews) has taught and published on topics including international institutions, global conflict, and resurgent nationalist movements. She earned her BA in Government and History at Georgetown University and her Master of Science in Global Politics at the London School of Economics. She owns and operates Global Thinker (, a current events blog focusing on political globalization.

Protest in an age of globalization relies on performance. From Hong Kong to La Paz and Santiago to Khartoum, global attention is increasingly captured by mass movements of people, demonstrating strength in numbers against prevailing political and economic systems.  Modern protests, however, only work some of the time. Drawing on current events, scholars might consider a protest’s success hinging upon which audience they choose to target and the power of that audience to act. We see differences, for example, between Hong Kong — where protesters engaged the global community with limited effect thus far on Beijing — and protests in Sudan earlier this year — which targeted an old, autocratic leader’s military cadre, but did in fact precipitate a military coup.  Has globalization changed protesting? Today’s global stage is nothing new — consider the nationalist movements …