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Martin O'Neill

Martin O’Neill is Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of York. He works on a number of topics in political philosophy, politics and public policy. Martin has written on equality, inequality and social justice; freedom and responsibility; and a number of issues at the intersection of political philosophy and public policy (including taxation, financial regulation, corporate governance, labour unions, insurance, climate change, the welfare state, education and health). His work has appeared in leading journals such as Philosophy & Public Affairs, Ethics, the Journal of Moral Philosophy and the Journal of Social Philosophy.

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Democracy is morally prior to the economy. The structure of the economy is something a sovereign people may and should design and redesign to secure its common good – that is, the shared interest of each and every citizen in life, liberty and economic opportunity. This is the basic premise of the ‘Democratic Wealth’ series that I have the pleasure of editing. This is, however, by no means an uncontroversial premise.