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Hamas has been in power in Gaza – and democratically elected – since 2006. Hamas controls what comes in and out of Gaza through tunnels – more than 700 were reported in 2011. Hamas is not only the government, it is the organisation on which Gazans rely for schooling, health, housing and protection. Of course international organisations in Gaza play a large role in providing those services too, but Hamas is the overarching authority. Now that Hamas and other para-military organisations such as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees, along with Salafi groups and even the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade are firing rockets at Israel intensely again, why are Gazans supporting them? Why are Palestinians in the West Bank increasingly supporting this reckless and despicable strategy? Why is the popularity of Abbas winding down in favour of the fanatic Hamas?

The answer is relatively simple, and can be explained by the enduring situation of the Palestinians, the interests of Israel and the interest of powers backing Hamas. Who will suffer most? As always, the Palestinians the reputation of the United States in the Arab world. But who are the main beneficiaries of an unpopular US government? Iran, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihadists and Hamas. Who is the main beneficiary of Palestinians turning to Hamas to resort to an armed struggle? Israel and Iran. As Abbas is weakened and the US reputation tarnished, the former loses Palestinian support and the latter is alienated from the only authority it recognises in Palestine. Looking back at a week of violence, it seems we are watching a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Israel received intelligence that Fajr-5 missiles had found their way to Gaza. Iran is the main provider of such weapons, apparently through a network running through Khartoum, the Sudanese capital. Hamas decided to make use of those weapons whilst they have them and because they constantly seek to gain further legitimacy over Abbas, the Palestinian Authority and Fatah – Hamas’ arch-rival. The equation is extremely simple for Hamas. A few rockets dropped on southern Israel implies reprisals, which will ultimately kill civilians. The more innocent Palestinians die because of Israel, the more Palestinians will give Hamas a blank cheque. Instead of revolting against their government (Hamas), Gazans endorse their government and prone armed resistance (again) against Israel. In addition to a probable lack of information the reason is twofold and points to Israel: Gazans have been living in an open air prison since 2006 where Israel unilaterally locked them up; Gazans suffer constant shortages, a blockade on all kinds of goods monitored at checkpoints such as Kerem Shalom and are barred from accessing their own maritime enclave; frustration is a euphemism for six years of deprivation and economic meltdown.

At the same time, in just over a week, Abbas will try to secure a nonmember ‘country’ status for Palestine at the UN on November 29th in New York. Not only has he not been successful in attempting to push for the recognition of Palestine as a state to date, but the US is once again attempting to veto this move – quite recklessly. This is tragic, because the success of Abbas would hamper Hamas who first and foremost seeks the destruction of Israel over the recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state. If Hamas generates enough chaos, and logically enough Palestinians casualties by the ruthless reprisals of Israel, Abbas and the PA will lose credibility and perhaps be supplanted. This does not only benefit Hamas and Iran – it benefits Israel. More power for Hamas means more room for influence from Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. For Israel, the survival of Hamas and terrorists justifies all of its security policies and persecution of the Palestinians in the West Bank (by seizing land for military purposes, cutting off communities and thus hampering commerce, revoking permits to travel in between zone A and zones B and C, and outcasting Palestinians from Jerusalem).

In other words my argument is simple: 1. Every Palestinian rocket is a justification for Israel to clamp down harder on Gaza and the Palestinians (who are again increasingly being equated with Hamas militants in global public opinion, for they support their killing of Israeli innocents). 2. Every Palestinian death weakens Abbas and strengthens Hamas extremists. 3. Every resurgence of the conflict fosters Iran’s interest by shedding light on the United States blind support of Israel and lip service to freedom. 4. Every resurgence of the conflict adds oil to the fire of Muslim anger against the Jewish state – thus severing relations between the US and Arab states such as Saudi Arabia, which benefits Iran.

In a nutshell, the Western powers which I have omitted thus far are watching a game they do not know how to play even though they planted the premises for it. The US has its hands tied and Obama has wavered again in the face of adversity. Iran, Hamas and other organisations involved in a die-hard fight against the infidel West and the ‘Zionist’ enemy are gaining legitimacy and credence in the Muslim world. Israel can pursue business as usual and its expansionary policies in the West Bank and Jerusalem, as well as victimise itself before international public opinion. Meanwhile, Palestinians suffer and die as the usual scapegoat…



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  1. Prof. Taheri
    November 21, 2012 at 4:04 pm — Reply

    The details of an Israeli attack on Iran are revealed in Jonathan Bloomfield’s award-winning book, “Palestine.”

  2. December 10, 2012 at 8:29 pm — Reply

    This is a family battle between Narcissist who are all from the same bloodline (Semitic culture)…primarily Hebrews, Ishmaelites, and Edomites etc.They have been at war with each other and will continue to do battle until they wipe themselves off of the face of the earth!

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