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Today, we are launching OxPol: The Oxford University Politics Blog.

This new blog, hosted by Oxford’s Department of Politics and International Relations takes the place of Politics in Spires, a five-year collaborative effort with the University of Cambridge.

Like its predecessor, OxPol aims to promote academic research and commentary to readers in and outside the university. We continue to believe that academia must extend the reach of its output, in clear prose, in order to demonstrate its relevance to the understanding of politics and what it is for.

We continue to accept material from writers in and outside of Oxford, and also welcome cross-posts.

If you are an academic or graduate student interested in writing for the blog, please contact our editorial team at blog@politics.ox.ac.uk or by using our contact form.

New special series on the EU referendum: Brexit

Logo 7Starting this week, OxPol will be hosting a new special series on the UK referendum on EU membership. The referendum raises many important questions for the United Kingdom. Will Prime Minister David Cameron be able to negotiate a “New Deal” for his country? How will his diplomacy affect Britain’s relationship with its European partners? Is a referendum of this kind democratic? And, what would a British exit from the EU—a “Brexit”—look like? Click here to learn more.



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